Q: After i purchase a pit how long will it take to be done?

A: It depends how far along you are on our list of clients, once we start on your pit it should take three to four weeks depending on the size and add ons if any. Also keep in mind Dennis is a one man show.

Q: Do you paint them?

A: No, right now we aren't offering those services however that may change in the future.

Q: Do you deliver? and how much more will it be?

A: Yes, we are happy to deliver your pit to you. Traveling fee depends on location and gas prices.

Q: what is all included in the pit build?

A: Our pits come standard with full upper racks. We maximize as much space as possible, without compromising your cook area and giving you the best bang for your buck. They also come with sausage rod cuts outs on the stack side of the pit, two custom Tel-Tru gauges unless you're getting a 1,000 Gallon pit, a water pan shelf, and a fully insulated firebox. 

Q: How much are your deposits?

A: We require 40% down of the total cost. Deposits are non-refundable seeing as they secure your spot in line and pays for the first bit of materials to get the ball rolling on your pit. Your deposit goes towards the total cost of your pit.